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🔥30%OFF🚘Waterproof Car Honking Snail Horn🚘

🔥30%OFF🚘Waterproof Car Honking Snail Horn🚘

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Upgrade your vehicle's horn with our Waterproof Car Honking Snail Horn for a powerful and reliable sound alert system. Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, this horn delivers a loud and attention-grabbing honk to ensure safety on the road. Engineered to withstand various weather conditions, it features a waterproof design for long-lasting performance in any environment. Enhance your driving experience with this essential car accessory that combines style, reliability, and functionality.




LOUD AND CLEAR SOUND: Featuring an iron steel horn plate that produces a loud and attention-grabbing horn sound, ensuring that you can hear the horn on the road, thus increasing your safety and the safety of other drivers.

WATERPROOF AND DUST PROOF DESIGN: Special shaped dust cover can withstand rain, snow and other weather conditions, suitable for use in any season and environment.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made of high quality ABS material and high quality tungsten contacts, durable and reliable to ensure long-lasting performance under heavy duty use.

EASY INSTALLATION: Simple installation process, no professional tools required, allowing you to upgrade your car speakers quickly and hassle-free.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with most cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles for a variety of automotive applications.


Color: Black

Material: ABS, Metal

Caliber: 80(mm)

Supply Voltage: 105-115(V)

Watt: 30(W)

Sound Volume:105-115(db)


Waterproof Car Honking Snail Horn*1 Pair


Color may not appear as exactly as in real life due to variations between the computer monitors.

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🔥30%OFF🚘Waterproof Car Honking Snail Horn🚘