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💥Limited time 50% off🔥Wash-Free Cleaner Spray for Sofa

💥Limited time 50% off🔥Wash-Free Cleaner Spray for Sofa

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NO WATERMARKS: This cleaner leaves no watermarks or residue behind, ensuring a pristine finish every time.

QUICK-DRYING AND WASH-FREE: Enjoy the convenience of a quick-drying and wash-free formula, allowing you to clean your upholstery without the need for water or extensive drying time.

DEEP CLEANING: Penetrates deep into the fabric to lift and remove dirt, grime, and stains, restoring the original appearance of your furniture.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Suitable for use on various surfaces, including sofas, carpets, bed sheets, curtains, and more, making it a versatile cleaning solution for your entire home.

STAIN REMOVAL: Effectively removes a wide range of stains, including yellow stains, urine stains, pen stains, blood stains, and mildew stains, leaving your upholstery looking like new.

HOW TO USE: Step 1:Rotate the detergent to open the nozzle, shake the product evenly, spray it on the stain surface, wait for 3.5 minutes.

Step 2:Wipe the cleaned area with a dry towel, wipe it repeatedly several times.

Step 3:After completion, there is no need to rinse with water, just let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer to dry it.



Package Includes:1* Spray, 1* Brush, 1* Towel


Please store in a cool and dry place, sealed and away from direct sunlight, children and pets

Store the cleaner in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources to maintain its effectiveness and prolong its shelf life.

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💥Limited time 50% off🔥Wash-Free Cleaner Spray for Sofa