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🔥Hot Sale🔥Biaxial trimming tool(35% OFF)

🔥Hot Sale🔥Biaxial trimming tool(35% OFF)

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Sturdy Durable

The flush cut router bit is made of premium carbide according to stringent Industrial grade quality standards provide tough, resists wear and high cutting performance.


Sharp Efficient

The flush-trim spiral router bits is sharper and stay sharp longer than conventional flush-trim router bits.provide better chip evacuation, less heat buildup, and cleaner edges.

Smooth Stable

The router bearing bit uses a double ball bearing pilot at the tip to run against your project template ensure smooth running.


Wide Application

This flush trim bit can be used for any flush trim situation and is an excellent choice for pattern or template work.



The spiral flush trim Router Bits is perfect for soft woods, hard woods, Plywood, laminate, OAK, MDF and any hardwood working. It can be used with table mount and handheld router with 1/2" collet.



The flush trim router bits are design to cutting board with a templete, the bearing follows the template, while the cutting edges trim the workpiece


Blue nano-coating provide 2 times longer life than the uncoated, with high hardness and heat resistance enables the tool's cutting edge to retain crucial sharpness and lubricity.



1pc packed with a plastic box which will keep the bit safe.

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🔥Hot Sale🔥Biaxial trimming tool(35% OFF)