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Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve

Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve

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Ensure your tires are always in their best condition with our Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve Cap!

  • Prevent Underinflation And Overinflation
  • Expand The Longevity Of Your Tires
  • Decrease Fuel Efficiency And Increase Risk Of Accidents
  • Ensure a Smooth And Secure Ride

Key Features

Color-Coded Indicators

  • Green: normal tire pressure (standard tire pressure /2.3-2.4bar)
  • Yellow: low tire pressure, it’s time to inflate your tire ( 10% below the standard /2.1-1.9bar)
  • Red: Extremely low tire pressure, it’s time to inflate your tire immediately (25% below the standard/ 1.8bar or less)

Unrivalled Airtight & Leak-Free

It maintain an airtight seal, preventing air leaks and keeping your tires in perfect condition. No more unexpected flats or inconvenient roadside stops.

Durable & Weather-Resistant

Built to withstand harsh weather conditions and road conditions, our valve caps are durable and dependable, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Easy Installation

Simply replace your existing valve caps with our Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve Caps. They fit most standard valve stems, making installation a breeze.


  • Material: metal + plastic
  • Pressure measurement range: 2.4 bar
  • Size: 23*9mm / 1.14*0.35 in
  • Weight: 32g

 Package Includes

  • 1 *  Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve


  • 1. Colors may vary due to different monitors.
  • 2. For manual measurements, please allow 1-2 cm for errors.
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Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve