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128pcs Precision Screwdriver Set for Electronics & Computer disassembly

128pcs Precision Screwdriver Set for Electronics & Computer disassembly

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This versatile tool kit includes a wide range of precision screwdrivers and accessories, allowing you to confidently tackle various repair and disassembly tasks. Whether you're working on laptops, smartphones, or other delicate electronic devices, this set provides the essential tools needed for precision work.


EXTENSIVE SET: This kit includes 128 pieces, offering a wide selection of precision screwdrivers and accessories to meet your disassembly needs. You can handle different types of screws commonly found in electronics and computers.

TOUGH AND DURABLE : They are made from tough S2 alloy steel material, ensuring exceptional strength and resistance to wear. With an HRC hardness of 56, the screwdrivers are designed to be long-lasting and resistant to deformation or wear.

ERGONOMIC ANTI-SLIP HANDLE: The handles feature an ergonomic design with an anti-slip textured pattern, conforming to the natural curvature of the human hand.

MAGNETIC TIPS: The screwdriver tips are magnetized, allowing for easy handling and retrieval of small screws. The magnetic feature ensures a secure grip on screws, preventing them from falling or getting lost during disassembly.

MAGNETIC PLUS/MINUS SLOTS: The set includes magnetic plus/minus slots, which can be used for magnetic attachments such as screwdriver bits and handles. This feature allows for convenient magnetization or demagnetization.

SCROLL-TYPE STORAGE BOX: The set comes with a scroll-type storage box that is easy to unfold and provides convenient access to the screwdrivers and accessories. This design keeps everything organized and protected, making it easy to store and carry the set.



Material: alloy steel

Size: 16*7.5cm

Weight: 658g


Aluminum Handle x 1

Dual-Head Steel Pry Bar x 1

Steel Tweezers x 1

Steel Universal Flexible Extension Rod x 1

Magnetizer x 1

Demagnetizer x 1

Screwdriver Bits x 122


Ensure the correct size and type of screwdriver is used for each task to prevent damage to screws or components.

Keep the set out of reach of children to avoid accidents or misuse.

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128pcs Precision Screwdriver Set for Electronics & Computer disassembly