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Press get all ice! ice grid mold

Press get all ice! ice grid mold

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2024 New One Button Release Ice Cubes Mold! 

It's so cool that you can release all the ice cubes in a second with a single press, I bet you'll love this amazing experience. (please follow the instructions)

This is a creative ice cube tray we designed this year, our thought is to make it easier to release the ice cubes, it is different from the traditional ice cube mold. If you want to try something different, you can try this one. Also it’s a unique gift for your friends.



Easy to Use

Ice tray filled with water do not exceed the edge, freeze for about 8 hours, after placing the ice tray to the correct position (ice tray on one side below the slot, on the other side above the slot), cover the lid, fix the bin with one hand, press the button with the other hand, it only takes a second all the ice can magically all fall off, come and try it quickly.



Pure ice cubes or DIY ice cubes

Make lots of ice cubes to add a cold taste to coffee, juice, cocktails, and whiskey, or you can add cubed fruit and specialty drinks to the ice tray to create a unique taste of cold and delicious ice cubes.


Food-Grade Safety Materials

The ice cube molds and trays are made of food-grade safety PET, PP and ABS materials, BPA-free, Odorless and non-toxic use with confidence!

Easy-release ice cube tray

This ice tray for the freezer is designed with an innovative release design, which makes it easier to release. Just place the ice tray in the right position and press the green button on the lid with your finger and you can easily release the ice cube.


The package contains 1x 32 or 64 grid ice trays, a clear container and clear lid, and an ice scoop. You can store the ice cubes with the transparent container.


Important Note

Please read the install instruction on the picture before purchase. This ice cube tray imitate the manual twist ice tray by press the button, as long as you put the ice tray and the button in the right place, it will be very easy to release the ice cubes.


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Press get all ice! ice grid mold