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Multifunctional Soy Milk Maker with 18/16 Blades-220V

Multifunctional Soy Milk Maker with 18/16 Blades-220V

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18/16 STEEL BLADES, HIGH-SPEED GRINDING: Ensures fine grinding and filter-free soy milk, enhancing smoothness and taste.The finely ground soymilk passes through 10 layers of filters.

HEATING FUNCTION: Maintains a constant temperature to preserve nutrients, suitable for making soy milk and brewing tea.

LIGHT AND STABLE OPERATION: Operates quietly with stable performance, ensuring a pleasant cooking experience.

INTELLIGENT TEMPERATURE CONTROL:It ensures precise multi-stage simmering, preventing any risk of overflow and ensuring perfect cooking results.

DUAL TASTE MODES: Offers options for thick and thin soy milk, along with a convenient cleaning mode for maintenance.

HIGH-SENSITIVITY TEMPERATURE CONTROL PROBE: Prevents overheating and ensures safe operation.And it also prevents bottoming out and spills


Color:White, Purple

Capacity: 1000ml

Stirring power: 200W

Heating power: 600W

Rated voltage: 220V


Package Includes:1*Multifunctional Soy Milk Maker with 18/16 Blades, 1*Measuring Cup, 1*Cleaning Brush, 1*Power Cord, 1*Instruction Manual


Please read the user manual carefully before use for proper operation and maintenance instructions.

Clean the soy milk maker thoroughly after each use to maintain hygiene and prolong its lifespan.

Avoid submerging the base or any electrical parts in water to prevent damage.

Ensure all safety features are properly engaged before starting the appliance.

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Multifunctional Soy Milk Maker with 18/16 Blades-220V