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2 Pack Multi-Function Socket Converter with Night Light

2 Pack Multi-Function Socket Converter with Night Light

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UNIVERSAL SOCKET CONVERSION: This multi-function socket converter allows you to convert a single socket into multiple outlets, providing versatile power options for your devices.

BUILT-IN NIGHT LIGHT: The socket converter features a built-in night light that provides a soft and soothing illumination in dark environments. It serves as a convenient guiding light, making it easy to locate the socket and navigate your surroundings during nighttime.

MULTI-JACK CONVENIENCE: This converter features various jack types along with mainstream USB charging outputs, ensuring compatibility with multiple devices. Ideal for travelers and tech enthusiasts.

COMPACT AND SPACE-SAVING: With its compact design, this socket converter is space-saving and doesn't block adjacent outlets. It allows you to maximize the use of available power sources without sacrificing convenience or cluttering your space.

SAFETY AND PROTECTION: With safety gate to prevent all kinds of direct accidental contact. The converter is equipped with built-in safety mechanisms to safeguard your devices against power fluctuations and potential damage.


Power: 2500W

Current: 10A

Voltage: 250V

USB Output: 2.0A 5V

Size: 83*86mm

Thickness: 28mm

Switch: Individual Control Switch / USB Switch

Package Included:1*2 Pack Multi-Function Socket Converter with Night Light


Ensure the total power consumption does not exceed the rated wattage to avoid overheating.


Keep away from water and moisture to prevent electrical hazards.

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2 Pack Multi-Function Socket Converter with Night Light