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Mouse Glue Trap Indoor Use for Home

Mouse Glue Trap Indoor Use for Home

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HIGH-QUALITY GLUE - Utilizing strong adhesive that remains stable in high temperatures without flowing and in low temperatures without solidifying, effectively capturing rodents to the maximum extent possible.

THICK AND STURDY CARDBOARD - The thick and strong cardboard prevents the glue board from slipping and tearing during struggles. Made with safe ingredients, suitable for use inside residential homes.

DISPOSABLE DESIGN - Various folding styles allow rodent trapping regardless of environmental conditions. Once a mouse is captured, simply discard the trap for easy cleanup.

EASY TO USE - Open the glue board, remove the anti-adhesive buckle, press to enhance stickiness, arrange suitable bait, and place in areas frequented by mice.

COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE - Indoor mouse glue traps are suitable for residential, commercial, or industrial buildings as well as sensitive areas where the use of rodenticides or traps is not recommended or prohibited.

ADDITIONAL TIPS - If you have larger-sized or multiple mice in your home, it's recommended to place multiple traps side by side. Ensure the environment where the traps are placed is free of water and dust, and consider placing a layer of newspaper around the glue board.


Material: Cardboard, Glue

Color: As Shown

Size: 35*22cm

Glue weight: 40 grams

Package Includes: 2/5 PCS * Mouse Glue Traps


Color may not appear as exactly as in real life due to variations between the computer monitors.

Please allow a small error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before purchasing.

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Mouse Glue Trap Indoor Use for Home