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Mini Manual Sewing Machine

Mini Manual Sewing Machine

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Unleash your creativity with our mini sewing machine. This compact and portable sewing machine is a must-have for anyone who enjoys sewing or wants to explore the world of stitching. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sexist, our mini sewing machine offers a user-friendly experience that makes sewing a breeze. With its lightweight design, you can easily take it with you wherever inspiration strikes. From quick repairs to small sewing projects, our Mini Sewing Machine is your go-to companion for all your stitching needs.

Key Features

Compact and Portable: It is compact and portable, allowing you to sew anytime, anywhere. Take it with you on your travels, to sewing classes, or simply move it around your home effortlessly.

User-Friendly Operation: This mini sewing machine is perfect for beginners, thanks to its user-friendly operation. It features simple controls and intuitive functions, making it easy to learn and operate even for those new to sewing.

Versatile Functionality: Despite its small size, our mini sewing machine offers versatile functionality. It can handle a wide range of sewing tasks, including basic stitching, hemming, buttonholes, and more. You can explore your creativity and complete various sewing projects with confidence.

Efficient and Time-Saving: The Mini Sewing Machine is designed to be efficient and time-saving. Its compact size allows for quick setup and easy maneuverability, saving you valuable time and effort on your sewing projects.


Single net weight: 0.085KG

Package size:11*7*4

Material: metal + plastic

Color: Red, Pink, White, Blue

Package Includes

1* Mini Manual Sewing Machine


1. Follow the user manual and safety guidelines provided with the Mini Manual Sewing Machine for safe and proper use.

2. Keep the sewing machine out of reach of children and ensure proper supervision when in use.

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Mini Manual Sewing Machine