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[ideal gift] Car Lucky Ornaments & Aroma Diffuser

[ideal gift] Car Lucky Ornaments & Aroma Diffuser

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The rotating golden coin symbolizes luck and wealth. It is a unique accessory that brings luck and positive vibes to your car.

During the day, the gold coin rotates automatically with solar power, promoting scent diffusion.

At night, the coin stops rotating, allowing for natural fragrance dispersion.


SOLAR-POWERED AUTOMATIC ROTATION - The centerpiece coin in our ornament is equipped with a solar panel, enabling it to rotate automatically when sense the light.

NATURAL FRAGRANCES - Choose from a selection of high-quality natural fragrances, including refreshing Ocean, alluring Rose. The fragrances are derived from natural plant extracts and are safe for long-term use.

ANTI-SLIP BASE - The ornament is designed with a non-slip base, ensuring stability and preventing accidental movement or falls while driving.

PERFECT GIFT - The rotating golden coin symbolizes a continuous flow of wealth and prosperity, making it an ideal gift for friends, family, or colleagues.


Material: aluminum alloy, electroplated ABS

Size: 8*8cm

Package Weight: 200g

Colors: Black, Silver, Red, Blue


1 * [ideal gift] Car Lucky Ornaments & Aroma Diffuser


Clean the ornament and the anti-slip base regularly to remove dust and maintain its appearance.

Refill the fragrance as needed to maintain a consistent and pleasant aroma in your car.

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[ideal gift] Car Lucky Ornaments & Aroma Diffuser