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Desk Oscillating Tower Fan with Misting Function

Desk Oscillating Tower Fan with Misting Function

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RAPIDLY COOLING: It rapidly cools with a wide 120-degree oscillation for even air distribution. And it is equipped with three levels of wind power adjustment to meet airflow requirements for maximum comfort.

ENHANCED WIND POWER: Featuring dual fans that increase wind power by 90%, this fan delivers powerful airflow. The fan also has a left-right oscillation function.

EFFECTIVE HUMIDIFICATION: Equipped with three spray heads and a 600ml water storage tank, this fan provides effective humidification along with cooling. Enjoy a comfortably cooled environment through the night without constant refills.

PORTABLE DESK FAN: Equipped with a carrying handle, this fan ensures effortless portability, allowing easy movement between rooms or for on-the-go use, enhancing convenience.

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL AND SAFETY: Safety-first design with a fine grille air outlet to prevent accidental contact, ensuring safe operation. Made from eco-friendly materials, it's odorless and environmentally responsible, promoting a healthier indoor environment.


Water Tank Capacity: 600ml

Type: Rechargeable, Plug-in

Package Include: 1* Desk Oscillating Tower Fan with Misting Function


Ensure the fan is placed on a stable surface when operating with the misting function.

Regularly clean the water tank to maintain optimal performance and prevent mineral buildup.

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Desk Oscillating Tower Fan with Misting Function