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🎁Hot Sale 30% OFF⏳Core Drill Bits for Tiles Marbles

🎁Hot Sale 30% OFF⏳Core Drill Bits for Tiles Marbles

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Drill Bit Overheat During Prolonged Drilling?

Our product features a built-in water-absorbent sponge that quickly cools down the drill bit during operation.

Inaccurate Or Rough Holes By Low-Quality Drilling?

The tip is coated with diamond, our product brings a clean and neat cutting.

Debris Getting Stuck In The Drill Bit Hole?

Our product is equipped with a built-in spring mechanism that promptly and automatically disposes of debris.


DRY AND WET DRILLING: These core drill bits are designed for both dry and wet drilling. The built-in water-absorbent sponge allows for quick cooling during wet drilling, providing a hands-free experience and enhancing drilling efficiency.

DIAMOND SOLID STEEL: Crafted with diamond solid steel, these drill bits are incredibly strong and durable. The high anti-corrosion brazing process enhances their longevity, while the thick diamond coating on the top ensures excellent cutting strength for precise and smooth cutting.

NO CLOGGING: The powerful built-in spring design ensures smooth drilling without getting stuck. The drill bit quickly ejects debris during drilling, eliminating the risk of the drill getting stuck and enhancing drilling efficiency.

VERSATILE APPLICATION: These core drill bits are not limited to tiles and marbles. They can also be used for drilling holes in other materials such as glass, ceramics, porcelain, and granite, providing versatility for various projects.


Material: solid steel, diamond

Size: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm


1 *  Core Drill Bits for Tiles Marbles


Start drilling at a slow speed and gradually increase speed for best results.

Ensure the drill bits are securely tightened in the chuck before use.

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🎁Hot Sale 30% OFF⏳Core Drill Bits for Tiles Marbles