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Car Starter Relay 12V /14V

Car Starter Relay 12V /14V

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This device is a vital component for a variety of vehicles, catering to both diesel and high-power gasoline engines. Its main function is to regulate large currents with a minimal input, safeguarding the starter control circuit and motor. This ensures efficient and reliable engine starts, making it indispensable for automotive applications.


VERSATILE VOLTAGE COMPATIBILITY: Designed to work seamlessly with both 12V and 24V systems, offering adaptability across a range of vehicles and machinery.

HIGH CURRENT CAPACITY: Boasts a robust maximum working current of 150A, ensuring reliable performance during engine startups.

SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS ENGINES: Suitable for use with a diverse array of engines, from small-scale to high-powered diesel and gasoline variants.

BUILT-IN PROTECTION: Incorporates protective features to safeguard the starter control circuit and motor, enhancing overall durability and longevity.

CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE: Engineered for consistent and dependable performance, even in challenging operational conditions, ensuring reliable engine starts every time.


Connect the red wire to the positive terminal of the motor.

Connect the yellow wire to the screw of the motor electromagnetic switch.


Contact Load: 150A

Contact Switching Current: 10A

Contact Switching Voltage: 450V

Contact Form: Silver contact

Rated Current: 150A

Rated Voltage: 12V, 24V

Waterproof rate: IP55

3C Rated Voltage Range: Below 36V


1 * Car Starter Relay 12V /14V


Please adhere strictly to the installation and usage instructions provided in the manual, and pay attention to electrical installation standards.

Before use, carefully inspect cables, power sources, etc., and take appropriate precautions to avoid any safety hazards.

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Car Starter Relay 12V /14V