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Car pressure washer nozzle set💦

Car pressure washer nozzle set💦

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Take your car wash to the next level. This comprehensive set includes everything you need for efficient and effective pressure washing of your car. From a high-pressure spray gun to various nozzles and accessories, this set provides a complete solution to achieve a spotless and shiny car exterior.


VERSATILE NOZZLE SET: The set includes different interchangeable nozzles with different spray patterns, allowing you to choose the ideal spray angle and intensity for different cleaning tasks.

PRESSURE CLEANING: The high-pressure water flow produced by these nozzles effectively removes dirt and stains from your car's exterior surfaces.

FOAM CANNON ATTACHMENT: Enhance your car wash experience with the foam cannon attachment, which creates a thick layer of foam to loosen and remove dirt and grit.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from quality materials, these nozzles are designed to withstand high water pressure and provide reliable performance over time.


Materials: Copper + Aluminum + Plastic

Water pressure: 4350 psi

Working pressure: 2175 psi

Maximum Inlet Temperature: 60℃/140℉

Spray distance: 15 meters


1 * Car pressure washer nozzle set


Ensure your safety during the intensive cleaning process

Regularly inspect nozzles and accessories for any signs of wear or damage.

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Car pressure washer nozzle set💦