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✨Anti-perspiration pads

✨Anti-perspiration pads

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You'll enjoy freedom without embarrassing unsightly sweat stains.

Adhesive discs absorb sweat and allow your clothes to stay dry and fresh all day long.

Completely eliminates underarm sweat stains and protects clothing from deodorant stains.


1 . Stretch your coat to be able to attach the diskette;

2 . Peel the protective foil off the adhesive side;

3 . Attach the discs to the under layer and stick them to the back of the clothes;

4. Enjoy a whole day without worrying about sweat stains.


Absorbs sweat and bothersome underarm odors.

Keep clothes dry and smelling fresh throughout the day. Your clothes won't stain after using deodorant.

Although sweating is a normal and natural thing that helps regulate body temperature, it can often be embarrassing.


Anti-sweat pads solve this problem in a second, without affecting your health in any way!

Very easy to apply, the disks come with a strong adhesive that stays put without shifting for hours of activity. Perfect for people with excessive sweating.


The tape is easy to peel off after use and leaves no residue on clothes. Perfect for all types of textiles.

They let the skin breathe, are lightweight, made of cotton, a skin-friendly material. They offer safety, you do not feel their presence and they do not irritate the skin in any way. They absorb all perspiration without letting it pass through the clothes.

Discreet and invisible, not noticeable through clothes.

Size: 9 x 11 cm.

Can be worn loosely under shirts, sweaters or T-shirts.

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✨Anti-perspiration pads