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🧰Angle Grinder Stand for Tile 45° Chamfer Cutting

🧰Angle Grinder Stand for Tile 45° Chamfer Cutting

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Achieve precise and professional chamfer cuts on tiles with ease using this Angle Grinder Stand. The device provides a stable platform for angle grinders, eliminating the shaking and instability that can occur during handheld operation.This eliminates uneven or inaccurate cut lines, resulting in professional and polished finishes.



STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Made from high-quality material, the stand is resistant to corrosion and deformation, offering durability and stability during operation, ensuring precise and consistent cuts.

SECURE CLAMPING SYSTEM: The stand is equipped with a secure clamping system that holds the angle grinder firmly in place, providing stability and reducing vibration during operation.

EASY ADJUSTMENT: The stand allows for easy adjustment to achieve precise and accurate cuts for different sizes and thicknesses of tiles.

COMPATIBILITY: Suitable for 100-type angle grinders with a maximum spindle diameter of 45mm, ensuring a secure and precise fit.

VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Suitable for a wide range of tile cutting projects, including home renovations, professional installations, and more.


Angle grinder: universal Φ100

Material: metal

Cutting angle: 45°


1 * Angle Grinder Stand for Tile 45° Chamfer Cutting


Verify compatibility before purchasing.

Wear appropriate personal protective equipment when cutting


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🧰Angle Grinder Stand for Tile 45° Chamfer Cutting